​​ Finding Atlantis

Adam Danburg is sucked into a whirlpool transporting him to the Lost City of Atlantis. Earth’s fabled land exists in another dimension. It is a world filled with powerful forces drawn from nature, talking crystal skulls and a fluid space-time continuum. Atlantis is again facing annihilation. Adam discovers he is part of a trio that must save this world from destruction. Evil forces, looming natural disasters, problems within the trio, and Adam’s inability to control his special talent all threaten the safety of the Atlantis. Can Adam work with Orri and Tya to save the Lost City?

FINDING ATLANTIS is a stand-alone story, uniquely told from multiple points of view. The Atlantis saga will continue into the YA genre with two more books in the series.

​Girl in Blue

A short story to be published in mid-August 2017. For more information see News.

​Dragon Creed

​A short story, publishing date unknown. More information later.

J.M.Dover - Author