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Finding Atlantis is an impressive debut novel full of mystery and suspense that you won't want to stop reading. Terrific.

—Susan Forest, Aurora Award-winning editor of Strangers Among Us

Finding Atlantis weaves a powerful journey to Atlantis and back with its fast-paced action, deep friendships, and magic.  
—Aurora Award Finalist Suzy Vadori, Author of The Fountain Series

RETURN TO ATLANTIS, Book Two in the Atlantis trilogy, will be released in 2019


​​An interdimensional whirlpool transports Adam Danburg to Atlantis, a world filled with powerful forces, talking crystal skulls and a fluid space-time continuum. Adam, with his strange power drawn from nature, is prophesied to be part of a trio that must save fabled city from destruction. Evil forces, natural disturbances, problems within the trio, and Adam’s inability to control his special talent all threaten the safety of the ancient city. Adam must find his true path in a labyrinth of deceit and turmoil, or he will be trapped in Atlantis forever.

J.M.Dover - Author