Q. What Atlantis character was named after one of the author’s children?
A. Adam is named after my son Adam. He doesn’t like to read or go to the library just like Adam in the Atlantis series. I wanted to write a book that I thought he might have liked to read when he was twelve. He is older now and has read part of the book.

Q. How old is the oldest person who has read an Atlantis book?
A. The oldest person I know who has read my book is seventy-five years old. He doesn't like to read and he loved the book so much he read it to the end!

Q. Where did the name Tya come from?
A. The book Something Good by Robert Munsch has a character named Tyya. I liked the name but changed the spelling.

Q. What is the author's favorite food?
A. I love fresh sweet buns right out of the oven, like Orri’s grandmother makes in Return to Atlantis. I love to bake cookies like the ones Horatio gives to Adam and Tya. And wouldn’t it be amazing to chew a small pill that turns into anything you want to eat.

Q. What is one of the author’s favorite quotes?
A. “You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

Winnie the Pooh.

That quote became the tag lines for each of the three books in the Atlantis series:
Finding Atlantis: You are stronger than you think
Return to Atlantis: You are braver than you believe
Book Three (to be named later): You are wiser than you know

J.M.Dover - Author

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J.M. Dover writes fantasy stories for young adults of all ages. 

Her careers as a social worker, fashion designer, accountant, and author show she can be both creative and logical—sometimes strangely at the same time. Being a writer gives her a way where both sides of her brain can play happily together.

She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, and close to her children and grandchildren.

​Finding Atlantis was published by Evil Alter Ego Press in 2018. It is the first book in The Atlantis Series, and has received Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite. Return to Atlantis, the second book in the Atlantis trilogy, will be published in March 2020. Jeanette also has short stories published in the Enigma Front: The Monster Within and Neo-Opsis Magazine Issue 29. ​